Writing infused most aspects of the video game design project, including lessons on persuasive writing and video game reviews. Here, students chose a favorite video game and wrote a review of that game along the lines of playability, graphics, sound and more. Most students also were able to podcast their game reviews. (The graphic organizer for this writing can be found below.)

We were also lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have some student reviews published on Gametrender, which generates a lot of traffic and provides for authentic audience for their persuasive writing pieces. The owner of the site is a former teacher, and he wrote:

"Over the next few weeks Gametrender will be proud to establish a showcase for the pupils' work that will allow the game industry and educationalists to note that we have such a talented pool of youngsters both inspired and encouraged by the gaming industry. Will this lead to top tier education governors making more of an effort to include game and app based learning in the classroom? Who can say? But what we do know is that as you read these school pupils' game reviews you will be very shocked and inspired yourselves as to how passionate and literate they are about the topic. "

And in 2014, we did more game reviews ...

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